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Private Sessions

Private sessions are 55 minutes. They are one-on-one with the client and a certified Pilates instructor.  This allows the client to schedule at a time that is convenient for them, as well as, set up a program that is specific to their needs.



Semi Private Sessions

Semi private sessions are 55 minutes.  They are great for

couples, and workout companions.  Your partner should

be at a similar level of experience. 

Partners will split the cost of the session.


Client Profile/liabilty waiver

Group Reformer Sessions

Group reformer sessions are 55 minutes.  They consist of 3 or more people, and are great for those who are looking for the camaraderie that is found in a group atmosphere, as well as, cutting back on the cost per class.

*note Group Equipment Classes are for healthy bodies.  Clients with injuries or special health conditions are more safely accommodated in private sessions.



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